Production Equipment
Inspection Equipment
Manufacturing Process

How to make a diamond die? The procedure takes a long time and is extremely complicated. The mature technology to control every detail is necessary, and the advanced machine could fulfill high quality requirement.Our manufacturing process and most up-to-date manufacturing facilities are shown below.

◆Diamond inspection—Yihua dies are made of diamonds grade close to gem purpose, which are checked under Microscope by 100X material magnification, any impurities, cracks and spots could be easily detected and rejected. Orthoscope detects the internal-stress, since the abnormal internal-stress will cause die cracking during die manufacturing or wire drawing process.

Diamond Setting—Locating the diamond at the

exact center of casing is carried out by CCD

camera-aided positioning device.

Metal powder filling—An automatic powder filling machine efficiently and precisely fills constant amount of mixed sintering power into casing.

Reinforcement—Diamond should be firmly protected by metal matrix, which is formed by the sintered metal powder, reinforcing diamond to endure wire impact without breaking and to extend wire die life. Yihua’s auto-sintering process is accomplished by the combination of an infrared sensor, auto-feeder and a high frequency sintering machine.

Coning—An automatic turning machine completes front and back cones and two parallel flats.

Laser die profile drilling—The precision and consistency of our dies profiling has been improved dramatically since we purchased a state-of-art laser die drilling unit. A double side profile drilling is achieved by this most up-to-date laser drilling machines.

Shaping and polishing—Advanced automatic or semi-automatic ultrasonic die working machine ensure the accurate die profile and good surface finish.

Hole size calibration—Wire lapping machine is used for controlling precise tolerance of die hole.